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fueldump_reverse_b3 1.0.0

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March 2021 (Yeah, we are still making ET maps )

 Title        : fueldump_reverse_b3      
file Name    : fueldump_reverse_b3.bsp
Version    : beta 1 (purely a test map)

Author    : Teuthis
 email        : [email protected]

changes from from _b1:
- Depotfence now needs to be destroyed by dynamite
- Depotfence construction crates disappear as soon as tank is captured
- Depotarea where tank uis has now a teamdoor for axis
- Depot has two new team doors into the tunnel
- Tank spline issues have been fixed
- Tank goes now 20% slower in the depot area

***tank issue fixed****


The Axis are hiding a stolen allied tank in the Fueldump Fortress to get information on the allied tank technology and weapon strenghts. Allied headquarter is planning a massive airstrike to destroy the Fueldump area. Allies must steal the tank and escort it out of the area before the allied airstrike kicks in.
 Story short and punchy:

 Allies are trying to steal their tank back and to escort it out of the area

    1:..Dynamite the Depotgate
    2:..Steal the tank
    3:..Destroy the Tunneldoor
    4:..Escort the tank over the bridge
    5:..Destroy the Escapedoor to leave the area

  Secondary objectives

  - Destroy the Depot side entrance

  - Built the command post
  - Destroy the Axis command post command post

         1:..Prevent the Allies from destrocing the Depotgate
         2:..Prevent the Allies from stealing the tank
         3:..Prevent the Allies from destroying the Tunneldoor
         4:..Prevent the Allies from escort the tank over the bridge
         5:..Prevent the Allies from destroying the Escapedoor

       Secondary objectives
  - Prevent the Allies from destroying the side entrance   
  - Built the command post
  - Destroy Allied command post command post

     :..build time   : a bit more than 3 weeks

         :..most importantly teh folks making fueldump. great map!    
        :..Simonoc for great tutorials on alpha blending and for shaders and textures (please check his website for license agreement when using his textures)

        :..for technical support Niger, Aciz, Kemon, Thunder, Mateos
        :..Motörhead from Wolffiles for the idea with stealing the tank (lovely idea)


   :..There are some models in the map that carry TheWolfTeam (TWT) logo. It is important to understand that TWT is not a clan and that I'm not advertising a clan here. The reason I put the TWT logo in is because I want to encourage every person mapping for ET to join this team and to benefit from the help that is offered here. Without the help from TWT this map would not exist the way it is. So more mapper at TWT means more great maps for you all.

Copyright  :..
           :..Copyright (c) 2021 by id software
          :..all laws from ID software and splash damage / activation that apply for enemy territory also apply to this map.

 Permissions:..You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product.
            :..distribution is only allowed without any charge for the recipient. This map is for non-commercial use only. Nobody is allowed to make profit from this map.

Last note from Teuthis
        :..as with all maps from me, this map is free of Nazi symbols. The world is a better place without those symbols.
so now fire it up and have fun. And giving me feedback is very welcome. Also if you have ideas for future maps, let me know


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