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nightmare 1.0.0

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Map name : Nightmare                      
version  : 1.0                      
Made by  : Blackops Clan            
Designed : Blowfish
website  : http://www.enemyterritory.biz     site is dead     
 Date     : 11-12-2009                       

The map was started two weeks before Halloween 2009, because of a joke Stealth made. Lets build a map for halloween...... sure why not. Ofcourse we didnt make it, since we normaly need about 2-3 months for a map. The reason we used some stuf from other mappers / modelmakers ...

The objectives are simple. Allies have to get the documents from the graveyard to the statue near the church. And have to blow up the generator, protecting Dracula's chest. Both can be done at the same time. There are a few hidden portals which will help you move around the map or get you out of endless tunnels.

Have fun playing it and let me ([email protected]) know if you run into weard things. 


Special Thanks to


Scripting, debugging, waypointing

Stealth - Blackops Clan

Made the castle and changed part of the church by Magic. 

Ganjaman - Blackops Clan

Made the generator house

wooden hut he made for Breakout 2

Magic (www.magics-territory.com)

He made the base of the nice Church and used some textures of Mitchell.

The designers of Enemy Territory, since I copied a few things from the original maps and modified em.

Splashdamage forum (www.Splashdamage.com)

For all the people helping eachother create maps.

2Bit (http://www.pythononline.co.uk/et/tutorial.htm)
For the great dummy proof tutorial they made. This helped me a lot !

For the great resource of ET things on that website (like the good RSS feeds and prefab section).

Erik-Ftn, [email protected]
Created the rtcw_ent_in_et_beta2.pk3 which I used for some nice extras.
Blackops Clan
To all who helped us testing and debugging.
Oak ([email protected])

Title                       : Crucified Guy
Mapobject type            : Cross-attached ;P 
Date                        : Jun 28th 2000
Filename                    : md3-crucified.pk3

Title                       : Impaled Skeleton
Mapobject type            : Impaled Object
Date                        : May, 8
Filename                    : md3-impaled_skel.pk3
Title                       : Celtic Cross
Mapobject type            : Stand still 
Date                        : May 10th 2000
Filename                    : md3-celtic_cross.pk3

Gollum ([email protected])

Title                       : Skeleton pack
Mapobject types            : Skeletons in different positions
Date                        : August 5 - 8

Tim Douthit ([email protected])

Two models:
Griffin.md3    Statue of a griffin 
Fountain.md3    Fountain with two Griffins

Jeffrey R Chaplin aka CASE ([email protected])

MD3-CASE01.PK3, map object model
Ruilaanh Guard

Tamara "Ophelia" Crossley ([email protected])

Angel statue

Dracula by tragesser


Bought as 3ds file and converted to md3 with Milkshape.
Do not use in map, unless you also bought the model at Turbosquid.com !!


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