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mt_whoverest_b4_6 1.0.0

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allied    Withstand the axis onslaught and prevent them from recovering their stolen documents."
axis        Break into the well guarded allied base and recover some stolen documents.
neutral    High in the alps a remote allied base, craftily hidden in the mountainside the allies attempt to decipher the contents of stolen axis documents.

1    "Primary Objective:**Recover the stolen documents hidden deep within the allied outpost."
2    "Secondary Objective:**Capture the forward spawn."
3    "Secondary Objective:**Construct a command post."
4    "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the main door."
5    "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the vent grill."
6    "Secondary Objective:**Open the electric doors by re-wiring the control panel."
7    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the allies from building a command post and destroy it if they suceed."
8    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the allies from recovering the vital information."

1    "Primary Objective:**Prevent axis from stealing some documents."
2    "Secondary Objective:**Defend the forward spawn."
3    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the construction of the axis command post."
4    "Secondary Objective:**Protect the main door from axis engineers."
5    "Secondary Objective:**Ensure that the axis cannot destroy the vent access grill."
6     "Secondary Objective:**Maintain the control panel and re-wire it incase axis manage to jam the electric doors open."
7     "Secondary Objective:**Build a command post."
8     "Primary Objective:**Recover the  vital information."

Axis must fight their way into a remote but well guarded allied outpost set high in the alps and recover the secret documents.


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