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UJE_watten_b2 1.0.0

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About This File

Changed version because of the looks  by [UJE]Niek
26-10-2020 the year of corona

using :

"Arabian Nights" - skybox by Avoc @ eft-clan.com

1. Place the "Arabian Nights" folder (containing the pictures) into your etmain/textures/ folder.
2. Place the "arabian_nights.shader" in your etmain/scripts/ folder.
3. In your shaderlist.txt add "arabian_nights" at the bottom.
4. You are ready to go! :)

Remember, I saved the different pictures with maximum quality. For that reason they are quite large in size.
They will add alot to your .pk3 if you do not resave the .jpg under a stronger compression. It is possible to cut the overall filesize down to around 1mb without 
any noticable quality hit.



Date: 20/07/06

Title: Watten(beta)
File: watten_b2.pk3
mapname: Watten
Author:   Pa5t1s   
Mail: [email protected]

Description: Map for Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory

"Allies took control of the Watten city where Axis shoot V2 missiles on strategic targets accross Europe.*Allies managed to destroy all but one V2 of a new type.*General Patton ordered to keep this missile and its constructive documents until the arrival of air support.**Axis have recieved the order from the Fuhrer to destroy the V2 in order to get access to the documents and bring them back by truck to Germany"

Instructions: Place watten_b1.pk3 into you "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\" directory.

Gamemodes supported: Objective, stopwatch. LMS not supported

Tools: GtkRadiant 1.3.8-ET, Q3map2 2.5.7, Photoshop

Thanks: Splash Damage and Activision. Thanks to Alliance(&Lz),fun clan, a good clan in whom there is of good friends.Special thanks to "Pakalatak" for his invaluable councils,and damoon for modifications of watten_b2. 
That's aLL :))
P  A  5  T  1  S


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