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mlb_beach 1.0.0

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About This File

extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your
Etmain folder. Something like this (C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy
Run the game, and play.

Beach - the making of:
Conversion by Marko, Lowlife and Bob le Roux of the [FuN] Beach map (orgininally made by Marko)

More information and screenshots available on http://marko.hd.free.fr

Lefty - Custom Voices / GertH - Command map maker

MLB is sponsored by X3M servers (http://www.x3mservers.net).

Testing Team:

-7Co- guys: Burniole, Chef Chaudard, Tassin, Oui Oui, Blanchet, Gone, Pithiviers, Utopik, Capitaine Dumont

[fP] guys: Kennie, Kat, Flak, Shynna, Lead, Dictator, Slayer, Viper, Global, Smudge

[FUN] guys: Scott, Marty, Cedox, Capt Darling, Armistice, Hordak, Jaysi, SenecaWolf, Whatever, Choller (http://www.clan-fun.com)

M8D guys: Dr. Stock, DukeRespawn, Jonon, Brentwood & Nephlim (http://www.m8d-clan.com)

Logan, Chris-s, Lowlife, CrAzY-NuTTeR, Heirpie, Darkfire, KN1GHTMAR3, Humpty-Dumpty, LdysMn317, Siffer, SilverSurfer, S.S. PoNS, c0s7, CrazyMexican, Yhcir, Lethal Banana, Wakka, S-Fos Skalman, Bouncer & Mr Battery

Map Description:

MLB_Beach is an upgrade of Marko's [FuN] Beach map. Lowlife ripped the entire terrain and remade
it from scratch, adding a nice sandy beach texture in addition to smooth sea water with an opacity
gradient. He also focused on altering structures to gain FPS on the beach landing section. Marko
fixed a few bugs and focused on improving the gameplay on the last section of the map. Bob fixed
the scripting bugs, mainly the command post one that was a flaw in fun beach final....

MLB beach is a map designed for large scale carnage over the D Day Theme. Allies spawn on the left
part of the map above in the landing crafts and have to fight their way up the beach.They have 2
bunker doors that they can blast to enter the Axis beach base. Once in the enemy base, they can
capture a forward spawn flag which will let them spawn closer the the first primry objective: a
ventilation power generator. Breaching it will stop the fans from rotating and let the whole
team infiltrate into the Axis back base. The last section of the map is a fight to destroy a
radar located behind the beach defenses. Allies have several ways of getting up there and can
capture a forward spawn area to increase their offensive power...



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since i been a marko friends in the past and tested with them almost all ther maps i am a big fan and at ets we allow the secret rooms for all mlb maps

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