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UJE_warzone_b3 1.0.0

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About This File

Map made by [UJE]Niek
Special effects made by [UJE]C

welcome in the warzone.Alies are attacking a city that is
suppressed by alies attacks.Alies are searching for the last
hideout place of the axis.Alies have to escort the tank and
find the last hideout where they have to destroy axis
communication centre.Axis have to prevent this.
Only thing that is intact is the uje friends bar,have funn in there

Special stuff:

* A Hammond in the church and sound when entering the church
* Planes bombing the place every 6 minutes.
* Firesupport is shooting the planes from the ground
* A big cafe Spawn with lots of efffects:
  - A disco with lots of beats and a sampler
  - Disco lights
  - Laser show
  - Smokemachine
  - Free drinks
  - dartboard
  - Doctor.Who beaming telephonecell
  - And lots of paintings from friendly clans of the [UJE]clan
* Semi bullet-proof cafe.
* Parachute drop

So lot's of funstuf in the bar,
a place where you can really relax and rest or even take a dance,
drink some beers or gamble a bit.

More [UJE] maps are on our website if you like to check them out.


Special thanks too all the friendly clans for sending in there pictures!

* =DM= - ODIN -  of death milkman clan
* {BN} Powder puff  of Battle Net clan
* [TSC]Yoda of The SniperClan
* )A( Old owl   of Dark Alchemy
* (TOP) Rakker  of The Orange Players clan
* [BOT]OKRedman  of the BOTclan
  (Unfortenetly he did not see this map  cause he had an motorcycle accident
  and lost his life by the crash.
  I will always remember Donald Fair may he rest in peace
* {NB}Dr Ryan  Of the Nuremberg clan
* DUTCHBAT RLN* if the dutchbat clan
* [TTW]Beowulf from the thunder storm warriors
* {TTS}Terrorsquad from the tiger town souls

All thanks for being friendly clans!

*And ofcourse i want to say special thanks to [UJE]C because he did it again.
 He made lot's of nice shaders and adjusted lots of things.
 Well I can't say it enough  Thanks C for the help
C says:

  There are several models used in ths map, and ALL credit goes to the makers of these models.
  Not every model was accompanied by shaders, so i had to make some myself..

   Thanks to the (unknown) maker of the C47- & P40 airplanes..whoever You are..

   I put in 1 model myself, it's a parachute from "DeGeneration".

  Good model work! thanks for displaying it in this map.

information & references:
  Furthermore, i want to thank Chruker for providing me with lots of information on his website:
  The scripting-reference and the "MD3 Tag The Dummy".
  This is his site:  http://games.chruker.dk/enemy_territory

  And of course, i want to thank everyone who made the SplashDamage-forums to what they are now,
  one big knowledge base.. Without it, i would've asked many questions myself..
  Fortunately, there is an answer to allmost any problem. I rarely visit another mapping-forum.

  Thanks Niek, for letting me script, shade and debug Your map.. :-)

[UJE]Clan site

you can get omnibot waypoint files of the snipermaps
from our site by clicking "[UJE]map info" in the main-menu.

 the real name of the map is UJE_warzone

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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