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v2_factory 1.0.0

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Axis Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building the Pontoon Bridge."
2    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Truck from reaching the Ammo Depot."
3    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building their Command Post to retain the Forward Spawn."
4    "Primary Objective:**Protect the Factory and build a V-2."
5    "Primary Objective:**Build the Train Bridge."
6    "Primary Objective:**Escort the Train to the V-2 Forward Launch Area."
7    "Secondary Objective:**Protect the V-2 Launch Door."
8    "Secondary Objective:**Clear the Train Tunnel of rubble."

 Allied Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Build the Pontoon Bridge and escort the Truck across the River."
2    "Primary Objective:**Escort the Truck to the Ammo Depot and deliver the Command Post parts."
3    "Primary Objective:**Build the Command Post and capture the Forward Spawn."
4    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the construction of a V-2 by damaging the Factory machines."
5    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from constructing the Train Bridge."
6    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Train from delivering the V-2 to the Forward Launch Area."
7    "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the V-2 Launch Door to open another entrance to the V-2 Factory."
8    "Secondary Objective:**Block the Train Tunnel by collapsing the Roof."


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