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fun_fortress 1.0.0

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[FUN] Clan Map by Marko & Svarvsven

- Map Objectives & description:

Fortress is the biggest map I ever made & will probably remain the biggest. All objectives are fully functionnal. Axis are attacking in this map & have to repair & ecort a tank to blow an entrance in the allied base. After that, their final goal is to rob secret rocket prototype documents & transmit them form the radio station which is in the dam area

FuN Fortress - the making of:

We'd like to thank MacBeth (http://ase.doomtech.net/forum/?act=home) and Shazman (http://www.yepteam.com) for setting up ***LadyMacBeth server with the map on it and helping us for all the testing on the map.

[FuN] Clan testing team: SvarvSven, Mazza, BrainBug, Scott, Cedox, Senecawolf, Compuwolf, nOObdak (Hordak's new nick), Shadow, DanDaily, Klaus, Fragsey... (www.clan-fun.com)

We'd also like to thank all the following guys for coming on the beta testing: Gwain, HK, YourLeftTesticle, Chris, Wakka, JimBOB, M8D DrStock, M8D Nephelim, CsC Bouncer, CsC Kobayashi, Siffer, Inc, Lowlife, Crazy-Nutter, =FF=im2weak4u, =SWAT= Kenny, Heirpie, BigBadWolf, Bomanfromkoc, 78500, pandantageul, loyolas, Dumak, carlsen, Wauyeah, Maiden, Wariorde, CriPpLe, bumeu, h3r3Sy, Alcapone, An0nYm3, F4nTA, chewawa, Daf, Kriterium, Dumak, Led, LNA_Gary, Asy, snake99, Bebar, SQLMAlfa...

****must say been the best ET moments during this times with Marko >> Ets Kate



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