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falkenstein_b3 1.0.0

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version:second beta
date: 27.09.2010

email:[email protected]
by orange

    -The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive for the          success in this war.
    -timelimit: 20 minutes

    allies (attacking side):
      1. Capture the checkpoint
      2. Blow up the generator to gain access to the base
      3. Set up a command post inside the base to spawn there
      4. Blast the entrances
      5. Steal the prototype and bring it to the train
      6. Secondary Obj. - Prevent Axis from building a Command Post
      7. Construct the access. It will open the door to the prototype. Construction is the console beside the door.
    axis (defending side):
      1. Defend the checkpoint
      2. Defend the generator
      3. Prevent the Allies from building a command post
      4. Defend the entrances
      5. Defend the prototype. Allies will be attemptting to escape with it by train
      6. Secondary Obj. - Build a Command Post
      7. Secure the access. It will open the door to the prototype . Construction is the console beside the door. Axis can destroy it with a satchel charge.

update beta 3:

    noteworthy fixes/changes/additions:
    -another way added to the catchable flag in the first part of the map
    -more obstacles added or modified in the outside part
    -the base inside the mountai totally remapped (except the cave part)
    -objective is now caged and the door to it can either be opened by a disguised cov op or by an engineer
    -allies spawn exit at the cp was changed

update beta 2:

    noteworthy fixes/changes/additions:
    -cp allied spawns (only one spawn was working before) fixed
    -trucks got new clip
    -command map icon and toi for the place of delivery added
    -another exit for the station spawn room added
    -office room next to the axis spawn in the base stretched
    -minable cave ground
    -cp for axis
    -doors altered
    -signs inside the basse for orientation

    -gameplay enhancement
    -rewrite arena and objdata
    -resize doors, they're unrealisticly big
    -change objective: instead of destroying the generator by a dynamite, allies have to escort repair a tank at the second spawn and escort it to the mountain.


    at first, all thanks to splash damage and id for this great game

    -some brushwork from stock maps by splash damage
    -trains by ifurita
    -Cantina Set by chris
    -Wallshelf ny puRp0se II

    -banner from frostbite by moonkey


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