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fueldump_mod 1.0.0

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About This File

Originally created by ID software.

Modified by: Jecoliah

Made a few Minor changes to the original map using the Released Map Source File.

Moved the East Barricade to the side of the building where the half open gate was.

This was done due to Newbies would build the East Barricade making it dificult for Axis to defend the Depot

Now it can be built and not hamper the Axis from defending it, which makes for Better Game Play.

Added a ladder to the backside of that wall so the Axis can exit the area.

Added spawns to the Garage for the Allies to Spawn in.

Allies will autospawn in the Garage once the Side Wall at the Rear of the Depot is Destroyed.

Allies CAN spawn at the CP anytime it is built by picking that spawn in the Limbo Menu.

I made it where Newbies would be forced to Auto Spawn in the Garage once the Side Wall was Blown.

Deleted all the LMS stuff AND a few models to reduce the hunkmegs_used to lessen the chance of getting the Max_Gamestate_Chars Error.

Made bulletin boards non-destructible to save on entity count.

Made the door to the generator room functional.


"Axis and Allies clash in the previously peaceful surroundings of a winter woodland fuel depot. The snowy wooded hills and valleys will be the scene of a mortal battle. Face to face, it's a fight to the death, only the victor will survive."
    briefing        "The Allies are attacking an Axis fuel depot and must escort their Churchill AVRE Demolition Tank as it blasts through the defenses. The Axis can disable and delay the Tank with Panzerfausts, grenades, mines or explosives.**^3Modified Version**^3By Jecoliah."
    axis win       "Skilful victories such as this prove that it will take much more than just numbers to defeat the Axis. Their troops demonstrated a heroic determination and skill that leaves them masters of the battlefield and the Allied forces a shambolic defeated rabble. For the Allies to have any hope of eventual victory they cannot let their resolve falter so pathetically."
    allied win        "Stylish victories like this indicate that the tide appears to be turning in the Allies' favour. Superior Allied valour, aggression and expertise have left the Axis forces deservedly demoralised and defeated after their own meagre effort. The Axis must acquire the habit of repelling Allied attacks on their own doorstep or the doorstep may no longer be their own."


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