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a_arta_test3 1.0.0

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About This File

Mapname : Arta Test 3
// BSPname : arta
 Released: January 2018
 Version : 3rd Test

 Map made by: -SSF-Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping

Contact Sage          : ssf.sage at gmail dot com      //-SSF-Sage @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered)
Contact Pegazus    : Pegazus   @ splashdamage.com/forums
 SM-Mapping site:  *Not active*
Please contact us for any feedback, suggestions, constructive critisism, bug report etc.


After the attack at Capuzzo Airport, the Axis engineers have moved their engineering project to an underground base in Arta, Greece. With the surrender of the Italian government, the German forces are most likely to withdraw to the north and carry on their super plane project in mainland Germany. This is the last chance for Allies to stop the Axis super plane project. If Allies lose this battle then Luftwaffe will dominate the skies once again.


        1] Cross the Bridge.
        2] Breach the Underground Base Main Door.
        3] Destroy the Plane Prototype.
        4] Destroy the Jet Engine Prototype.
        5] Steal their Project Files! Use the Command Post to transmit it.
        6] Establish a Command Post.
        7] *Secondary* Destroy the Generator to cut power from Dam sidedoor.
        8] *Secondary* Blow a secondary route through an Air Inlet.
        9] *Secondary* Construct an Assault Ramp to weaken Axis Choke point.

        1] Prevent the Allies from crossing the Bridge.
        2] Prevent the Allies from entering the Underground Base.
        3] Protect the Plane Prototype.
        4] Protect the Jet Engine Prototype.
        5] Protect the Project Files. Do not let them Transmit it!
        6] Prevent Allies from establishing a Command Post.
        7] *Secondary* Don't let them destroy Generator to cut power from Dam sidedoor.
        8] *Secondary* Stop them from entering the Base through an Air Inlet.
        9] *Secondary* Don't let them construct an Assault Ramp.


   We can not be held responsible for anything.


One or more textures on this map have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information.

    For a flower and a crate texture

    For an alpha tree texture

Map testing:

//////Big thanks to testing
///We owe you guys for all the help, testing and feedback!

Members and players from:

 {WeB} Clan

 UJE Clan

 Ets| Community

Special thanks to:

 GANG$TA     from     {WeB}  Clan

 Dogster     from     {WeB}  Clan

 Niek        from     [UJE]  Clan

 Kate        from     Ets|   Community


    Put the pk3 file into your Etmain folder.


    Delete the pk3 file from your Etmain folder.

Second test:

    -Axis First Spawn moved closer to River
    -Side route to the hill with an assault ramp
    -CP on the hill
    -Documents inside the base, transmit with CP
    -Remove third prototype dynomiteable
    -Objective info stuff

Third Test:

    -Added a generator at dam to limit using the dam side entrance. Destroying generator opens the door.
    -Added door to block Allies from using base entrance near Axis spawn
    -Allies capture spawn 1 spline earlier
    -Warnings when entering base/dam
    -Bug fixes


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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