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saberpeak_final + _saberpeak_final_nightsky 1.0.0

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About This File

MAP Name: Saberpeak
Game:     Enemy Territory
Version:  Final
Author:   NOP
Website:  http://home.comcast.net/~saberpeak/
Date:     August 11, 2004

Place saberpeak_final.pk3 inside the etmain folder in your game directory.

To have command icons not appear outside compass in servers running the
etpro mod  download saberpeak_etpro.pk3 from the map website and place
it inside your etpro folder in your game directory.
IMPORTANT: Do not place saberpeak_etpro.pk3 in your etmain directory.
If you do your comand map icons will not show up in servers that
are not running etpro.
A small secluded beach resort proved to be the ideal place for the axis
to establish a secret docking station for their u-boats. Surrounded by
very tall cliffs, the small Saberpeak gulf is well hidden from prying
eyes and unwelcome visitors.
A small group of allied forces were sent on a mission along the coast
to find the secret base and destroy any u-boats in its hangar. This will
prove quite difficult since the axis have heavily fortified the resort
turning it into an impenetrable fortress. To make things even worse an
ammo shipment sent to supply the allies assault boat was intercepted by
the axis leaving the allies severely weakened.

The map has a lot of open spaces and it was meant to be played with a
large number of players. Personally I recommend a minimum of 15 and a
maximum of whatever your server can handle before it goes up in flames.
That being said however, it's up to you.


1)Escort the assault boat to the old dock.
2)Steal the ammo from the truck and load it onto the boat.
3)Escort the boat to the resort gates and use the boat cannons to destroy the entrance.
4)Destroy the submarine.
1)Destroy the side wall
2)Construct the command post

1)Don't let the allies steal the ammo.
2)Stop the boat from destroying the resort gates.
3)Protect the submarine.
4)Construct the command post.

1) There is a small bug where if the boat gets damaged while it is
  destroying the boulder blocking the side path and an allied player is
  on the boat during this time, the boat will not be repairable even though
  it is damaged. To fix this bug the allied players have to get off the boat
  until the boat becomes repairable (which should take about 1 or 2 seconds).
2) Because the map is so big there are certain limitations imposed by the
  game. These have to do with the maximum distance a projectile can travel
  which is 8192 game units. Although this distance is very large, there are
  certain points in the map where you can see this far (and probably more)
  which means that if you shoot at a player further than 8192 units your
  bullets simply wont reach. This restriction doesn't apply to scoped weapons.

Thanks to everyone at the splash damage forums, the best forums I've come

across online. Thanks to splash damage for their great game and the great
support that they provide to the mapping community. In particular special
thanks to sock for all his tutorials, LDR revisions and for always answering
questions no matter how stupid they were.
Thanks to ydnar for the amazing work with q3map2. Without the great features
he's added to the compiler this map would not have been possible.
Thanks to all the people who played the beta version and mailed me suggestions
and reported bugs. Please keep supporting custom maps and the modding community.
This map can be distributed freely as long as this readme file accompanies it.
This map or its contents cannot be distributed or used in any way for profit.
Your are free to use any brushwork or models from this map as prefabs for your own maps.
Visit the release website to obtain the source files and info on how to use them.
Please read the notes on the naming conventions to eliminate any conflicts with file names etc.

This mapper is now officially on a nop loop awaiting an interrupt.


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