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UJE_xmas_factory_b1 1.0.0

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[UJE]xmas Factory

By [UJE]Niek


Axis forces are planning an assasination on Santa in his Factory.
They have to get inside the guarded factory to get the special dagger
to assasinate Santa in his bedroom.
To get to the factory they have to steal the tank first to gain
acces to the Factory.Then they have to steal a key to open the gates to
the dagger and Santa's bedroom.
The allied forces have to stop the Axis and prevent assasination of Santa.


Axis objective

*Blow the damaged garage side wall to access the tank!
*Escort the tank through the Town to secure advance spawns!
*Blow the Sewer Door Side Entrance and the Stair Well Door Side Entrance to progress!
*Capture the Old Village spawn for 7 seconds!
*Build the North and South Assault Ramps, the Neutral Command post, and blow the Trench Side Wall!
*Blow the Main Factory Door to access the Key and Dagger and capture the forward tower spawn!
*Steal the Gate key to open the Gates that guard the Dagger to unlock them!
*Steal the Dagger and run it to Santa to assasinate him!

Allied objective

*Prevent the Axis from blowing the damaged garage side wall!"
*Prevent the Axis from repairing the tank and snare or damage it to prevent their progress!"
*"Prevent the Axis from gaining access to the Sewer Door Side Entrance and the Stair Well Door Side Entrance!"
*Capture or prevent the Axis from capturing the Old Village!"
*Prevent the construction/destroy the North and South Assault Ramps, build the Neutral Command post, and prevent the blowing of the Trench Side Wall!"
*Prevent the Axis from blowing the Main Factory Door and gaining access to the key and Dagger!"
*Primary Objective: Defend the Gate Key and prevent the Axis from using it to unlock the Dagger to assasinate Santa!"
*Primary Objective: Defend the Dagger and prevent the assasination of Santa!"


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[UJE]Clan site        www.ujeclan.com


for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_xmas_factory


Everyone who still is involved with keeping wolfenstein enemyterritory alive
Merry Xmas and a happy newyear


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