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et_mor2_night_final + z_et_mor2_night_final_voice 1.0.0

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might crashes players on silent servers

itle                   : Marrakech Streets 2 - By Night [FINAL]
OrigMapDate        : 27/8/04
ModDate                 : 19/03/06
2nd ModDate        : 15/10/08
Orig. Filename          : et_mor.bsp
Original Author         : Fix
Email                   :
Orig. Mod. Author    : {STS103} DC9 CAN
Email            : [email protected]
Modified Mapname    : et_mor2.bsp
Night Mod. Author    : Avoc
Email            : [email protected]
Night Mod. Filename    : et_mor2_night_final

*** Night Edit Note ***
// FINAL NOTES Oktober 2008 //

The night version has reached its final  version.

A few new areas have been opened up, most significantly the new entrance to the lab and a new "upper" area has been opened by the axis backdoor.

The barb swing gate has been changed into a "neutral barricade" - when axis construct it, it will be a barbwire. When the allies construct it, it will be wooden wall, blocking the way down the road to the lab, providing valuble cover.

The truck has been moved to the left of the tunnel exit giving the axis a better chance to intercept the allies when they steal the objectives.

Apart from that, a few new objects have been placed and some new aesthetical elements aswell.

Nedim @ eft-clan.com


April 2007

This map has been updated and modified in order to provide some new gameplay dynamics.

First and foremost, the tank has been made indestructible in order to prevent the sometimes impossible task of escorting it to the town gates. The tents near the tunnel exit have been replaced by ruins.

An alternative route has been made that allows the allies to go around the main route. And of course, most obviously, the setting has been made into a night map.

Apart from that, everything is still the same.

Thanks to DC9 CAN for allowing me to modify his modification of the map, and to Fix for creating this wonderful map in the first place.

Nedim @ eft-clan.com

Textures: LightedWindows and nightsky made by me, Nightsky is also used the "Quotidian" map.


*** EDIT NOTE ***
March 2006

This map has been updated to repair (clip) seam leaks in the four pillars near the tank ramp, clip the overhead section on the town side of the front gate, added wm_set_round_timelimit in script, and re-named et_mor files to et_mor2 for co-existence. A new Allied objective "destroy the back door", additional building structures, texture repairs, and affects have been added to improve gameplay. The tank speed has been adjusted to move the Allied team to the front gates quicker.

Thanks to "Fix" for allowing me to make these modifications and providing the alpha maps (.pcx files) so that this modification could have the same terrain as the original.

{STS103} DC9 CAN.


Description             : Allied intelligence has learned of the existence of Operation Hitlers Beard, a top secret project that the Axis top minds have been working on.  If the Allied command could get there hands on the information contained within these files it would help them plan for a swifter and more decisive victory in the entire North Africa campaign.  The Allies have put together a small strike force to attempt to break through the Axis defenses and steal the documents they are guarding.  Needless to say, the Axis soldiers can not allow this to happen, and must defend the town at all costs.

Objectives        : Allies;
                1, Escort the tank passed the barrier
                2, Escort the tank to the town gate and destroy them
                3, Destroy the back door entrance    *** New objective ***
                4, Destroy the entrance to the laboratory and get the document case
                5, Take the documents back out through the gate to a waiting truck

            : Axis;
                1, Don't let the tank get passed the barrier
                2, Stop the Allies from destroying the town gate
                3, Protect the back door entrance    *** New objective ***
                4, Guard the laboratory entrance
                5, Don't let the Allies escape with the document case


Notes            : This is my first time mapping for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, so I might not have got every thing working in the way it should, and it is probably not balanced totally equally :p  But it has been tested a lot, so I am fairly sure it is without bugs and runs quite well.

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.
You MAY distribute this PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in
the original archive.


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


for  z_et_mor2_night_final_voice.pk3

The changes are:
- the tank is usable, but still not damagable
- voice annunces for the main objectives

how to use:
- put the file in the etmain or mod directory


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