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airbase 1.0.0

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very interesting map  but fps horrible and hunkmegs issues when lower than 128

This map was created by FrostyChilli, FrostyMixi, Jens-Stefan in 31/01/2010.
It was completed and polished in 12/12/2014.

Inspiration for map layout came from a map called LNA 1v1. Work was started in 2009, first version completed in 2010.
Then it was not published but stalled for 4 years. Until I decided to pick up the map again and finish it.

It is the second map in my coming Campaign scenario, with the first one being finished and polished as well(2014/11).
Thank you for Rayban for foliage models and textures. Also thanks to people from SplashDamage forums for great help!


Thank you for developers of Enemy Territory for making such a great game!



1 "Primary Objective:**Stop the tank from reaching the base gate!"
2 "Primary Objective:**Defend the bunker gate!"
3 "Primary Objective:**Hold the forward bunker*and defend the bunker side wall."
4 "Primary Objective:**Build and defend the tank barrier!"
5 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the generator!*Rebuild if necessary."
6 "Primary Objective:**Defend the barracks wall,*which keeps Allies away from documents."
7 "Primary Objective:**Defend the documents.**Don't let Allies get them*to the airplane!"
8 "Primary Objective:**Prevent Allies from refilling the airplanes!"


1 "Primary Objective:**Escort the tank to the base gate!"
2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the bunker gate!"
3 "Primary Objective:**Capture the forward bunker*and destroy the bunker side wall."
4 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the tank barrier!"
5 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the generator*for lower area access!"
6 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the barracks wall to reach the documents!"
7 "Primary Objective:**Steal the documents and bring them*to the plane!"
8 "Primary Objective:**Refill 3 airplanes to secure a way home!"


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