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ETL 2.79 all os versions 1.0.0

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2.79.0 (realeased 23/12/2021)

Thank you for installing ET: Legacy stable release 2.79.0 - Yule log

Revive the old fps and have fun!



  • Added cvar_trim command
  • Fixed Q_ColorizeString overflowing
  • Fixed pk3 locations loading from filesystem
  • Fixed the mounting of the dlcache folder instead of the files inside of it


  • Fixed directional sound issue with SDL2 backend
  • Fixed demo folder deletion
  • Fixed defaultprofile.dat file not properly created
  • Moved the local directories to the top of the search path


  • Enhanced server demo record
  • Removed server side GUID check (moved to mod side)
  • Allowed large amount of pk3 files on the server without breaking sv_pure


  • Fixed bit shifting bug causing a black map
  • Fixed screenshot filaname with duplicate extension
  • Fixed screenshot command wasn't using correct format


  • Enhanced shoutcaster mod
  • Fixed knockback for dead framerate independent
  • Added reset stats and stop recording on map restart / match reset
  • Changed cg_skybox from CVAR_CHEAT to CVAR_ARCHIVE
  • Fixed missing map_restart reset when loading config
  • Fixed dynamite/landmines/satchel hitbox for pliers (missing link entity)
  • Added g_guidCheck for mod side GUID check
  • Fixed wounded players collision issues
  • Fixed losing keyboard and mouse input after intermission
  • Allowed shoutcasters to use setviewpos
  • Added cg_popupShadow
  • Fixed client crash when dynamite explodes
  • Fixed vote timeout logic
  • Fixed client crash due to name length
  • Added automatic vertical scrolling
  • Added map description on map vote debriefing page
  • Fixed 'Details' map description in 'Host Hame' menu exceeds its box
  • Fixed spread bar not draw while firing with scoped weapon
  • Added custom map location editor
  • Added prone animation transitions through crouching
  • Added cancel start match vote if countdown starts
  • Removed g_playerHitBoxHeight
  • Fixed losing mouse input after intermission on demo playback
  • Added selection of minor spawnpoint per major spawnpoint
  • Fixed constructions decaying after pause
  • Fixed gib stats from explosions when player was still alive
  • Allowed moving when using scoped weapon but cap speed to walking 128u speed
  • Increased FG 42 scoped fire rate from 400ms to 200ms
  • Decreased scoped Garand/K43 spread scale from 10 to 5 (half the spread recovery time)
  • Fixed speakereditor axis picking not supporting widescreen
  • Fixed wounded players not dropping down when on ladders
  • Added usage of square minimap for compass (merge from shoutcaster minimap)
  • Fixed voice chat position and drawing outside of command map
  • Fixed objective icons being affected by picmip
  • Added camera editor
  • Fixed demo freecam
  • Fixed rotate player's view only when ON rotating mover
  • Changed movers to not kill players or destroy items
  • Added SVG weapon icons files
  • Disabled activatelean by default, and add a switch to the menu
  • Adjusted engineers to pickup up to 8 grenades even without any level upgrades

Read the ET: Legacy FAQ, consult our WIKI or join us on our IRC channel #etlegacy @ Libera.chat or on our Discord channel if you are running into trouble.

Docker hub also contains a dedicated server image for quickly setting up a dedicated server: etlegacy/server

There is also a Flathub package available

We have a last gift for you for this year: ET: Legacy 2.79 'Yule log' release. It comes bundled with a shorter, but all the more efficient changelog.


We want to thank everyone for all your support this year. Additional helping hands have joined the team and made it possible to actually implement shorter release cycles, so those of you that are not using the snapshot builds can still enjoy the newest features and fixes on a more regular basis.

Utmost respect and thanks also goes out to the admins of the ET: Legacy Competitive community. The effort put into this is incredibly motivating and a huge help. Your regular scrims combined with proper organised cups provides so much valuable hands-on feedback to this project, enabling us to prioritise and tailor features and fixes for the best ET: Legacy experience possible.

If some of you, dear ET fans, have not joined the ET: Legacy Competitive Discord, but are looking for regular matches, events and friendly banter, make sure to join the lovely folks over at ETL Comp. Discord channel. It may help in avoiding a quadra-panzer wipe withing the first 10 seconds of a match, basically handing the opponent the win. Not that this happened or anything. Just....hypothetical....you know? cough


This is all for this year. But honestly, the future of this project has never looked more promising as going into 2022. There are so many great things on the horizon for ET: Legacy, so make sure to keep an eye out for news in our Discord, as well as the Competitive one.

All that's left for us to do is wish you all happy holidays and a pleasant start to 2022.

Grab the latest release in our Downloads section.

written by WuTangH 3 weeks ago

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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