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capuzzo_final + new waypoints 2018 1.0.0

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About This File

SSF SAGE reworked the waypoints for his map capuzzo so many thanks for Sage


Map Type: OBJ
Map Size: Large
Map Theme: Desert
Attacker: Allies
(the readme file)

// Mapname : Capuzzo Airport
// BSPname : capuzzo_b1
// Version : First beta (4th version of the map)
// Map made by: {SSF}Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping
// Contact Sage : ssf @ netti.fi //{SSF}Sage @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered)
// Contact Pegazus : Fruity12 @ hot.ee // Pegazus @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered)
// SM-Mapping site: http://www.hot.ee/smmapping/

Please contact us for any feedback, suggestions, constructive critisism, bug report etc.


January 1943 - The war in Africa is finally coming to an end. The Allied intelligence has discovered
a group of Axis engineers planning a new super plane in Capuzzo Airport. Allies are attempting to
break into the airport, steal the blueprints and escape with a Supermarine Seafire.


1] Escort the Tank past the Tank Tarrier #1
2] Escort the Tank past the Tank Tarrier #2
3] Construct the Command Post after the tank has passed a certain spot to gain a spawnpoint at the command post
4] Destroy the Command House wall, the Fw-190 and the Bf-109 with the tank
5] Send a message (takes 15 seconds) for the pilot to land in
6] Steal the blueprints and secure them into the Seafire, which has to be repaired in order to be able to secure

1] Prevent the Tank from passing the Tank Tarrier #1
2] Prevent the Tank from passing the Tank Tarrier #2
3] Construct the Command Post to prevent Allies from spawning in there after they have passed a certain spot
4] Stop the Allied tank from breaking into the Command House and from destroying the planes in the airport.
5] Prevent the Allies from sending a signal for their pilot
6] Prevent the Allies from stealing the blueprints and escaping with them


Use b_moverscale 1 (default value) or otherwise the plane sounds will not work correctly.
The tank moves a bit faster than normally, so there is no reason to use higher values anyway.

For german servers:

According to research we and many others did, the signs on the planes can be shown on german servers.


This is the first beta version and first public release. The content of the map may be changed
after this version. We can not be held responsible for anything.


Bradburger Base for the seafire sounds

JillianCallahan Base for the seafire stopping sounds

Jesters-Ink & Buglord Base for the Fw-190 texture

Jester, Robo, Kristorf and FBS Base for the Seafire texture

Emel Base for the Bf-109 texture

Thanks for testing:

//Big thanks to testing
//We owe you guys!

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