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fa_italy_b3 + botfiles 1.0.0

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botfiles : //    Qiki        22 June 2013    Initial Script, waypoints and navigation
 Native12    06.01.2014    Ready to test
 Native12    18.01.2014    Fixed some bugs, minor changes in script
 Native12    19.01.2014    Fixed stuckages
 maker@bigsighstudios.com - 6 June 2018 - converted for fa_italy_b1 (map mod by #Smiley)

allied_desc 1 "The Marketgate! Dynamite it and drive through!"
axis_desc 1 "The Marketgate! Defend it in order to stop the Jeep!"
allied_desc 2 "Don't let them build another Jeep Barrier!"
axis_desc 2 "Construct another Barrier!"
allied_desc 3 "Last Barrier! Both stairs need a Ramp!"
axis_desc 3 "Last Barrier! Prevent them from building both Ramps!"
allied_desc 4 "Door Gets bombed away when Jeep is in position!*"
                   "Escort the Jeep near to the tower!"
axis_desc 4 "Door Gets bombed away when Jeep is in position!"
                  "Stop the Jeep before it reaches the tower!"
allied_desc 5 "A usual neutral Command Post*"
                  "with another Spawnpoint!"
axis_desc 5 "A usual neutral Command Post*"
                  "with another Spawnpoint!"
allied_desc 6 "Capturable Spawnpoint!"
axis_desc 6 "Captureble Spawnpoint!"
allied_desc 7 "Steal both Goldcrates!"
axis_desc 7 "Don't let them steal both Goldcrates!"
allied_desc 8 "Faster escaping would be made possible*"
                    "by a hole in this wall! Destroyable from inside only!"
_axis_desc 8 "Destroyable wall from the inside! Let's escape Allies*"
                 "easier from the Tower!"

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waypoints need to be reworked : allieds  engies bots dont repair the truck and dont put dyno at the grid :017: they focuse to the wodden cubes for almost of them 






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