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etl_adlernest + waypoints 1.0.0

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WOLF ENSTEIN    14 November 2018 mades the waypoints and 18 February 2019    Initial Script

TITLE                   : etl_adlernest
AUTHOR                  : original AUTHOR Dersaidin , et legacy AUTHOR Devils Right Hand
DATE                    : 30.08.2017
TYPE                    : OBJECTIVE 
bug report feedback     : discord Devils Right Hand#2240
EMAIL ADDRESS           : 
HOMEPAGE URL            : 
Release date  beta 1.0  : 11/02/2019
Release date  beta 1.1  : 17/02/2019
 Version     : beta 1.1
 Attacking    : allies Objective
 Timelimit    : 15
 Spawntimes     : Axis 30 / Allies 20
= Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1.0=
add new crane
new Post cement
new beds
new terrain
new lamps and lights
new tank
new et legacy barrels models
new vent shafts
more crates
new cabels
add trucks
new grass/bushes
new electric panels
add doors at the bridge with windows
new pipes
new big spotlights outside of the terrain
add a ladder with a room near the alied comandpost  
new doors at the electrics panels
new furnace 
= Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1.1=

replace trucks
add .obj in pk3
= CONSTRUCTION etl_adlernest =

MAP BASE                : source Map
EDITOR(S) USED          : gtkradiant 1.5 ,NetRadiant 1.5 custom x64
KNOWN BUGS              : 
COMPILE MACHINE         : amd 6300 6x 3.5 ghz ,12 gb ram ddr3 ,Asus ROG Strix-RX580-O8G,win7 x64
COMPILE TIME            : 10 min
COMPILE version         : 
BRUSHES                 : 14952
ENTITIES                : 1144
= special thanks =

twt thunder for support
twt teuthis for support
twt mateos for support
macchute for help with scripting
kemon for hint support and spawns scriptz
WuTangH help with scripting at obj 
TomTom7777 help with scripting at flagspawn change respawn time
native12 for making botz waypoint
twt ray for support
uje niek for support/feedback and beta test on server
Loffy for commandpost spawns prefab
http://www.alientrap.org for NetRadiant 1.5 custom 
Simon O'C for tuts
Victor Karp for tuts
ets kate beta test on server
= Credits =

twt thunder                 :barrels model- furnace.model

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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