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Castle Eltz Beta1 + waypoints 1.0.0

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About This File

release date:   June 11th 2010

author:         FireFly
email address:  firefly@wolfedit.com 
website:       http://www.wolfedit.com



Axis Scientists have been working on a Teleporter Device inside the Castle of Eltz. 
This Teleporter is powered by rare pieces of crystals...
Allied Forces must Infiltrate the Castle and steal these crystals. 
The crystals must be delivered at the Zeppelin

Axis Objectives:

The Tunnel Grate: Defend the Tunnel Entrance, once destroyed, The allied forces can enter the Tunnels.
The CommandPost:  Building the command post will give the Allies a new spawn point.
The Generator:      Do not let the allied forces destroy The Generator.
The Crystals:      Defend our Teleporter.Do not let the Allies steal the Crystals.
The Zeppelin:      Stop the allies from taking the Crystals to the Zeppelin.

Allied Objectives:

The Tunnel Grate: Destroy the Tunnel Entrance and gain access to the Tunnels.
The CommandPost:  Building the command post will give us a new spawnpoint."
The Generator:    Destroy The Generator.*Once destroyed, the East and West gate will open and we can enter the Castle.
The Crystals:     Make your way to the Teleporter and steal the Crystals."
The Zeppelin:     Take the crystals to the Zeppelin"



base:           scratch
editor:         GTK Radiant 1.3.14
other software: 3dmax5, 3dmax9, Zbrush3.1, PhotoshopCS4, MD3Compile
build time:     6 months.

compile settings:     
BSP: -meta -mv 1024 -mi 6144 -patchmeta -subdivisions 7
VIS: -vis -saveprt
LIGHT: -light -v  -fast -samples 6 -patchshadows -dirty -dirtscale 2 -bounce 8 -dirtdepth 64 -gamma 1.65 -compensate 1.8 -external -lightmapsize 512

total compile time: 91 mins.



- "waterfall Mist" Texture by Diego taken from his map 'Praetoria-Mission Two: Hell on Wheels'
- Modified 'Vortex' Texture By sock http://www.simonoc.com/
- Teleporter Sounds taken from the multitrack version of the song "Vessel" by Nine Inch Nails  

* A BIG thank you:

Fluffy_gimp, Sock, Chr1s, Sage, MrFin, Magic, Ailmanki, Detoeni, chruker


Distribution / Permissions 

This is the First Beta of this map and may not be modified in anyway as to appear as a
completed map by anyone else than the author.

Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.
The possibility of using items from this map as prefabs and/ or models is possible, but you must obtain the author's written permission first.

This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.

User Feedback



it's a pretty complex map... Good thing he added some stuff like 'to teleporter', 'to zepplin

from pegazus ( mapper with ssf sage ) sources splashdamage

"Not knowing much about the gameplay of Castle Eltz I'l try to do my best to give the author my support.

First of all when the player spawns the first feeling they get is that they are in Germany, basing on the styles of houses that are present in the map. The houses look great from far but from close you can see how the windows stick out from the buildings. Maybe implicate the windows into texture sheets? though that might be a big hassle considering how the textures are. Most doors on the houses are extremely tall from the height side. Germans are tall but not that tall either. It looks like the people who live here are 2.10m tall.

Though all that above does not really matter because it's a real beauty for the eye. It blends in with the rest of background and the sky above players gives a great athmosphere feeling. So nobody would even notice those things and who would? There is a war to fight.

The castle looks awesome. Is it based on a real castle or it's made up by you? Either one it's very nicely done. Though what worries me is the open fields around here. The surrounding terrain makes a good job on blocking the open field for a while but I worry it's not enough. Also I think this map will be a favorite by snipers because of this, which I don't mind, I sometimes camp too, and I would not mind setting up a camp on this map. 

The Final part of the map (The area with the teleporter) makes me feel like i walked through the castle from World War 2 time to Quake Wars era. Looking at that thing I just can't help myself to think about Quake Wars and that cloud above it is a great effect. It feels like this map should be implicated into RCTW and Quake Wars. "

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