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Wolfadmin-v120 1.0.0

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sources https://www.thewolfteam.org/blogs/entry/15-wolfadmin-120-released/


After over two years of development, it is finally time to release a new version of WolfAdmin. As always, you can find the new version on the website.

This version can be marked as the largest update to WolfAdmin so far. From now on, you can completely replace the shrubbot administration system with WolfAdmin using standalone mode. Say goodbye to limited amount of levels, admins, mutes and bans, and give a warm welcome to SQL-based databases to store your players and their permissions.

Most of the features that mods like NoQuarter and ETPub provide should have been ported to WolfAdmin. This includes the commands, but also chat logging and private messaging.

Furthermore, the directory structure has been reworked to ease updates and to make sure that all operating systems can run WolfAdmin. In addition to this, the well-known .cfg files have been replaced by .toml files to ease configuration.

Finally, I am very proud to announce that WolfAdmin is now shipped by default with ET: Legacy. This means that anyone who uses the Legacy mod (and any future mods derived from it) will automatically benefit from WolfAdmin. This is a huge step in promoting WolfAdmin for new server administrators and I would like to give them a warm welcome.

In case you encounter a bug or want to share anything else that might be interesting, please use the official bug tracker. Besides that you can also monitor the continuous development in the GitHub repository.

WolfAdmin is a Lua module for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers created by Timo 'Timothy' Smit. It is an enhancement of the existing game, mod and shrubbot functionalities, providing you with extra tools to administrate your server.

Among the features are advanced logging of player data, a new set of commands your administrators may use and a new set of custom voting options. Finally the module also provides some functionality which was originally provided by popular mods and makes them available on all mods.

Publiée 2019-01-04
 0000073[Setup & Configuration] Create install script (Timo)
 0000060[Setup & Configuration] Add TOML support (Timo)
 0000061[General] Standalone mode (Timo)
       0000062[Commands] Provide basic admin commands (Timo)
       0000069[General] Provide alternative to shrubbot (Timo)
       0000055: [Database] Store mutes, kicks, warns and bans in the database (Timo)
 0000074[General] Improve portability (Timo)
 0000078: [General] Improve error handling (Timo)
 0000075[General] Improve code efficiency (Timo)
 0000083[General] Add setting to disable unknown GUID kick (Timo)
 0000080: [General] Configs are not loaded (Timo)
 0000077: [Commands] Bot difficulty options (Timo)
 0000066[Commands] console: prefix on command output (Timo)
 0000065[Commands] Fix logging (Timo)
 0000064[Commands] !stats not displaying on Legacy (Timo)
 0000071[General] Load modules independent from path (Timo)
 0000072[General] Improve directory structure (Timo)
 0000048[General] Compatibility with Lua 5.3 (Timo)



Support & bugs

In case you run into trouble and need support for WolfAdmin, check out the #wolfadmin IRC channel on Quakenet. You may also contact me via mail or via one of the communities where I usually hang around.

For bug reports or feature requests, please use the bug tracker.

Installation modes changed in 1.2.0

WolfAdmin can be installed both as a standalone game manager (default with ET: Legacy) as well as being an add-on to existing mod functionality (such as ETPub or NoQuarter).

When used as a standalone game manager, WolfAdmin will take care of all your needs as an administrator. It provides you with fine-grained acccess control for players and administrators, as well as many different settings to enable or disable features.

Older modifications already have an administration system in place, called shrubbot. This system can be disabled if you want to make use of all of WolfAdmin's features. To do so, check the relevant section on the setup page. If you want to run WolfAdmin alongside shrubbot, you do not have to change any configuration at all, since the module is able to detect this automatically.

Because some functionality is only available in standalone mode (and some only in add-on mode), blue labels are added in the documentation for the sake of readability. standalone and add-on denote functionality that is available in standalone mode and add-on mode, respectively.

Access control lists standalone added in 1.2.0

WolfAdmin comes with its own authorization system. Rather than editing a configuration file, all levels and administrators are stored in a database in so-called access control lists (ACLs). Each command or feature is associated to a permission (e.g. !help requires the permission help) rather than a shrubbot flag. ACLs are basically feature permissions grouped together in a list (level).

Anyone with access to the acl command is able to read and modify the ACLs that are available on a server, for example to create new permissions (for custom features) or to add/remove permissions from a certain level.

For more information on configuring ACLs, see the relevant section on the configuration page.


To control most of WolfAdmin's features on the fly, you can execute commands in-game or from the server. Below you can find a list of default commands. Server owners are also able to install more commands written in Lua.

Client console

The following commands can only be executed through a client's console.

display information about WolfAdmin
syntax: /about
flag: (none)

/pm or /m legacy added in 1.2.0
write someone a private message
syntax: /pm [name|slot #] [message]
flag: (none)

/r added in 1.0.1
reply to a private message
syntax: /r [message]
flag: (none)

/adminchat or /ac
send a message to all admins online (players who can use admin chat)
syntax: /adminchat [message]
flag: ~


The following commands can be executed in the chat or through a client's console, using /!command syntax. Note that for the latter to work, you may need additional permissions granted by server administrators.

Information commands

display commands available to you or help on a specific command
syntax: !help (command)
flag: h
permission: help

!admintest standalone
display your current admin level
syntax: !admintest
flag: a
permission: admintest

display your personal greeting, if you have one
syntax: !greeting
flag: Q
permission: greeting

display the rules on the server
syntax: !rules (rule)
flag: C
permission: listrules

display the statistics for a specific player
syntax: !stats [name|slot #]
flag: I
permission: liststats

display the current spree records
syntax: !sprees
flag: I
permission: listsprees

display the maps in the rotation
syntax: !listmaps
flag: I
permission: listmaps

displays the local time
syntax: !time
flag: C
permission: time

Player commands

!listplayers standalone
display a list of connected players, their slot numbers as well as their admin levels
syntax: !listplayers
flag: i
permission: listplayers

!finger standalone
gives specific information about a player
syntax: !finger [name|slot #]
flag: f
permission: finger

display all known aliases for a player
syntax: !listaliases [name|slot #] (offset)
flag: f
permission: listaliases

!listlevels removed in 1.2.0
list a player's level history
syntax: !listlevels [name|slot #] (offset)
flag: s

!showwarns removed in 1.2.0
display warnings for a specific player
syntax: !showwarns [name|slot #] (offset)
flag: R

!showhistory added in 1.2.0
display history for a specific player
syntax: !showhistory [name|slot #] (offset)
flag: f

!dewarn removed 1.2.0
remove a warning for a certain player
syntax: !dewarn [name|slot #] [warn #]
flag: R

!showbans standalone
display a (partial) list of active bans
syntax: !showbans (start at ban#) ((banner) (banner's name)) ((find) (banned player)) ((reason) (reason for ban))
flag: B
permission: listbans

!warn standalone
warns a player by displaying the reason
syntax: !warn [name|slot #] (reason)
flag: R
permission: warn

!put standalone
locks a player to a specific team
syntax: !put [name|slot #]
flag: p
permission: put

!mute standalone
mutes a player (text and voice chat)
syntax: !mute [name|slot #]
flag: m
permission: mute

!unmute standalone
unmutes a player (text and voice chat)
syntax: !unmute [name|slot #]
flag: m
permission: mute

mutes a player (voice chat only)
syntax: !vmute [name|slot #]
flag: m
permission: mute

unmutes a player (voice chat only)
syntax: !vunmute [name|slot #]
flag: m
permission: mute

locks a player to a specific team
syntax: !plock [name|slot #]
flag: K
permission: lockplayer

unlocks a player
syntax: !punlock [name|slot #]
flag: K
permission: lockplayer

!kick standalone
kick a player with an optional reason
syntax: !kick [name|slot#] (reason)
flag: k
permission: kick

!ban standalone
ban a player with an optional duration and reason
syntax: !ban [name|slot#] (duration) (reason)
flag: b
permission: ban

!unban standalone
unbans a player specified ban number as seen in !showbans
syntax: !ban [ban#]
flag: b
permission: ban

!slap standalone
give a player a specified amount of damage for a specified reason
syntax: !slap [name|slot#] (damage) (reason)
flag: A
permission: slap

!gib standalone
instantly gibs a player
syntax: !gib [name|slot#]
flag: g
permission: gib

!setlevel standalone
sets the admin level of a player
syntax: !setlevel [name|slot#] [level]
flag: s
permission: setlevel

fakes your level to guest (no aka)
syntax: !incognito
flag: s
permission: incognito

Team commands

either asks the players to even up or evens them by moving or shuffling players
syntax: !balance (enable|disable|force) added in 1.1.0
syntax: !balance (force) 1.0.0-1.1.0
flag: p
permission: balance

!lock standalone
lock one or all of the teams from players joining
syntax: !lock [r|b|s|all]
flag: L
permission: lockteam

!unlock standalone
unlock one or all locked teams
syntax: !unlock [r|b|s|all]
flag: L
permission: lockteam

!shuffle standalone
shuffle the teams by XP to try and even them
syntax: !shuffle
flag: S
permission: shuffle

!shufflesr standalone legacy
shuffle the teams by Skill Rating to try and even them
syntax: !shufflesr
flag: S
permission: shuffle

!spec999 standalone
moves 999 pingers to the spectator team
syntax: !spec999
flag: P
permission: spec999

!swap standalone
swap teams
syntax: !swap
flag: w
permission: swap

Match commands

!cointoss standalone
flips a coin
syntax: !cointoss
flag: q
permission: cointoss

!nextmap standalone
loads the next map
syntax: !nextmap
flag: n
permission: nextmap

!pause standalone
pauses the game for all players
syntax: !pause
flag: Z
permission: pause

!unpause standalone
unpauses the game for all players
syntax: !unpause
flag: Z
permission: pause

!reset standalone
resets the current match
syntax: !reset
flag: r

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good afternoon. I ask for help installing (luascripts) On my server.

please . I never installed (luascripts)

I liked to understand how to install step by step from root.

thanks for listening .

Response from the author:

wich mod is installed to your server ?

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