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dam_revengev2 + waypoints 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a conversion of Bramburg Dam (mp_dam) designed and released by Splashdamage for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It is based on the corresponding map 'dam' which was part of RTCW 1.0 single player campaign. All credits go to the developers at Splashdamage who designed this great map for RTCW, so in no way you are allowed to make money with it.

This is a map conversion.

Dam Revenge V2

//scenario information
Allied - "Prevent the Axis forces to destroy the Dam and Steal The Important Documents."
Axis - "Steal The Tank to Gain access to the Allied Dam and Steal The Important Documents."
Neutral - "Axis forces are attempting to re-capture the Bramburg Dam . Axis forces have to make there way through the Allied Defences, blow up the main doors and repair the Generator and Escape with the Documents, Allies must prevent this from happening!"

// Axis Objective Descriptions
1 "Primary Objective:**The Tank must be stolen in order to blow open the doors of the Dam to get to the Allied Documents secured within."
2 "Primary Objective:**Blow Dam door."
3 "Primary Objective:**Blow Big door."
4 "Primary Objective:**Steal The Documents."
5 "Primary Objective:**Repair the Generator"
6 "Primary Objective:**Escape with the Documents."
7 "Primary Objective:**Blow Pressure Pipes."
8 "Secondary Objective:**Build Command post."

// Allied Objective Descriptions
1 "Primary Objective:**The Tank must be stopped from reaching the Dam and allowing the Axis to gain entry to the Dam."
2 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from using the Tank to blow open the Dam doors"
3 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from using the Tank to blow open the Big doors"
4 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis Stealing The Documents."
5 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Generator"
6 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis Escaping with the Documents."
7 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from Destroying Pressure Pipes."
8 "Secondary Objective:**Build Command post."


Version 2

warning: music file sound/world/rain_hard.wav is not 22k stereo.
removed use less textures and sounds and md3's.
optimized VIS and made the map less dark.
Opened more windows on Allied spawn.
also made main allied door a double door.
added allied only door to 1st truck barrier to allow access to 2nd truck barrier.
fixed leaks and texture missing / (mirror refection) bugs.
steam lining game script and shaders .
cm_pipes icon fixed
bots have problem with the elevator switch (causing errors) , fixed elevator - the rest is down to Ominibot !.
you can go up over the hill onto the roof of the dam building and camp over the allies spawn , fixed via adding a allied roof exit .

added few other ways in to the generator room - changed to a German truck were you pick up the documents
added new door / exit near allied spawn + roof exit
changed door shaders to correspond for / to right off access
fixed the .sounds file
removed useless doors in generator room added in more Heath and Ammo Boxes.
Auto changed Spawn to CP area (Axis) when tank as blown the 2nd big door (Tank as ended its spline)
Tested on ETPro / Silent / NQ

Thanks For HarryHomers for Testing
Thanks For Raybanb for the flame shader and candles
Thanks For Praetoria usage - praetoria/foliage/foliage_treeline_03_cntr
Thanks B.B.C for Dr Who and all related images. All Rights Reserved - The British Broadcasting Corporation.
This is version of this Map is for Dave a.k.a Harry Blaster - Gone but not Forgotten - Joined The Clan 05-06-2006 Went Missing 27-03-2009
R.I.P - Harry Blaster (Dave)

Tardis (Harry Tardis) a.k.a. Daniel Jones

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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