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  2. reminds me of console warfare Windows is Nintendo and GNU Linux is sega.
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  4. And thus the topic went quiet. Guess nobody likes Sinterklaas here either, world is really changing.
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  6. Anyone discovered that audio player function on your profile page yet?
    Upload your favourite songs for all to hear, and open up a little peek into your psyche...

    I've uploaded some already... This gonna be hard on Kate's diskspace! :-)


    2. kate


      hehe i posted when  i added this plugin but dont think many are using it atm

      song plugin.JPG

  7. Guest

    Windows 10

    ah joh zeurpiet
  8. PX and ABC basically dissolved of their own accord - Quark servers went away at least a year ago and i switched to ARMA2+3 for some time and now not affiliated with any clan. No bad blood or anything - I was with PX at least 5 years and ABC 2-3 - very short stint with Quark that i remember. when I saw a quark server up again running legacy i went over and they invited me to join back up - I said would - but since that day several weeks ago - nothing but bots - . Doink
  9. i'm staying away from Windows 10, gonna stick with Windows 7 and Ubuntu LTS. best not to run garbage. can't wait for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa! :3
  10. Most interactive changes with each server I join - it was probably true at the time! Either way - just here to battle and like the gameplay and settings. Not blowing smoke. Have a great day. Thanks Doink
  11. I saw you posting the same on an other forum clan just curious why did you left the other clans ?
  12. Welcome! I haven't had a chance to play with you yet, but i look forward to it!
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  14. i jump around quite a bit ETS has been the most interactive though - thats what drew me to join the site and forums
  15. lol seem you like to play more on other servers instead at ETS
  16. kate


    2020-02-09 10:36:44 ACR: Player wannacry.exe silEnT GUID (7826A59EBD280E78DD9DC866A711D4C8) IP ( banned for detected game hack
  17. Welcome to the club, Doink!
  18. Hi Doink, nice to see you here too.
  19. Hello all - just had a fun session battling Harvester of Sorrow. Been playing ET since its release - RTCW Multi before that - was a member of PX and ABC and Quark along the way. An older guy that loves the game. Great community you have here. Great ping as well. Play Arma3 and DnD Online as well. See you on the servers! Also went by LooneyToon Doink
  20. I recommend the Pro version of win 10 over win 10 home. I dunno why but when I tried win 10 home the internet speed was not as good as with Pro. Specially when running multiple things like live streaming, youtube, and other things at the same time. With Win 10 Pro the overall speed is much better, at least for me.
  21. Haha, I guess so. Maybe thats why I liked it :)
  22. i watched it during around 40 mns only but been very late
  23. halfy


    Dam cannt belive u stil got this pic !!! boy them was the good days ...
  24. I haven't seen a good ad in a long time Thanks for sharing the video I like to see ads Busca el anuncio de vive sin drogas de la Fundación Azteca
  25. this is one of my favorites:
  26. hey napes, that fox reminds me of something:
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