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  2. 1.4 billion people in China, means around 4 times US. US has nearly same amount dead people on 1 fourth..... You can fight against an visual enemy. You can't fight a new virus without a working medicine. Despite nearly all people (NL) stay at home (also work at home if possible) we have nearly 800 dead people.
  3. Important note for this graph is that The Netherlands only tests the risk groups and if possible doctors at this point! The value is not the true value. Additonally the government agencies work with the total and daily number of IC patients.
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  5. I was worried about you my friend. I am also concerned about jeropaman and pisco jack.
  6. To the americans on this site, you have my sympathy. Your checks and balances system has failed you to the point where (some of) your leaders are willing to sacrifice the population for profit.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    waypoints in test and will post feedbacks MARCH 2020 Cedric 'keMoN' E. http://www.etlegacy.com This map is an overhaul of the original Frostbite map created by Moonkey. As part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort certain maps are being overhauled. Those maps have been selected for their stable gameplay even in a competitive environment. -----Changelog----- to last version: • Added missing crates • Simplified clip placement for better navigation • Overhauled general lighting • Improved colour coding of different areas inside the facility to original: • The player is now able to stop and revert Storage Wall movement by activating the button again. • Alarm now also sounds when the Service Door has been dynamited before the Storage Wall and Main Door. • Entity count has been reduced from 479 to 360 • Structural mesh and VIS blocking has been improved • Visual changes have been made -----Specs----- Author: Moonkey Overhaul: kemon Compile parameters: [q3map2] -bsp -meta -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "[MapFile]" [q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v "[MapFile]" [q3map2] -light -fast -samples 2 -bounce 2 -bouncescale 2 -v -thresh 0.25 -shade -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -lightmapsize 1024 -patchshadows -external "[MapFile]" ALLIED OBJECTIVES: Primary: Steal the Supply Documents and transmit them back to Allied Command. Secondary: Destroy the Main Door into the Complex. Secondary: Breach the Storage Wall. Secondary: Dynamite the Service Door. Secondary: Prevent the Axis from constructing a Command Post in the Transmitter Building. Secondary: Establish a forward Command Post in the Upper Complex. AXIS OBJECTIVE: Primary: Stop the Allies from transmitting the Supply Documents. Secondary: Defend the Main Door. Secondary: Defend the Storage Wall from being breached. Secondary: Stop the Allies from destroying the Service Door. Secondary: Set up a Command Post inside the Transmitter Building. Secondary: Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post in the Upper Complex.
  8. i know you worry a lot TOM : stay closed and follow what they said to stay safe at home
  9. Version 1.0.0

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    Dingenskirchen B6 ----------------- sources discord Release Date: MARCH 2020 ----------------- http://forums.warchest.com/showthread.php/39432-MAP-RELEASE-Dingenskirchen-a-tribute ----------------- This map started as a collaboration between phisherman and me and was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW. We hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers among you. NOTE: Dingenskirchen beta 3, 4 and 5 were semi-private releases for playtests on UJE, which is why they were skipped in the public release versioning. -----Story----- December 1944: The noose tightens around the Reich's neck as Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, Kraut high command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line. -----Beta 6----- • One area of complaints about the second beta were still low FPS in certain areas, which rendered the map unplayable with larger player counts. Due to the initial openness of the map, a substantial rework of the basic layout and terrain was necessary. It was an intentional design choice to keep the castle visible in both outer parts of the map. The castle Bergfried has been closed off, because players would have terrible performance on top of it. • The castle interior has received another complete makeover to streamline the gameplay flow further. • We have also received complaints about the Nazi symbolism in the map. While it was a design decision to keep them in the first two beta versions, we have decided to remove swastikas in this beta. The red banners have been replaced with red curtains, which hopefully preserve some of the original atmosphere.
  10. Im fine thx, hope you are too :)
  11. Your cat looks so adorable. That reminds me of Top Cat, how is he now?
  12. Hah alright then. I was really imaging you picking up the cat while it was sleeping and shoving it into the cabinet for a good picture lol.
  13. Our cat anytimes we open a door go to see what is behind and enter in the package of things we got from the post office
  14. That cat looks like it wasn't just stuffed there for the picture at all.
  15. Our cat named Titus decided to stay closed
  16. sorry in my head there are songs from street fighting and boxing. A little slower please. Now sounds songs from the end of the world.
  17. Yeah I checked later, seems this is still okay. Still there is this gnawing feeling that I shouldn't. Will think about it :). Yeah I leave the house only every few days to get more food. I probably should go out to make a small walk for mental health. Breathing the air outside at a bit of sun does a lot of good. What are these phases you and Luis are talking about? We just get more rules. Or is it similar to RIVM scenario sets: 1. no rules, uncontrolled outbreak 2. rules that regulate a controlled outbreak 3. total lockdown ??
  18. Napo hope yourself you stay closed ? Is hard I know but it is the best way to stay safe We are in phase 3 already
  19. Sure he can, but if he does that to the wrong people they throw him in jail, and he only gets bread with soap and nails to eat... ;-)
  20. unfortunately this is the situation. Napoleon can also hit. hit first, hit hard and don't stop hitting I like the gif you have on your profile.
  21. You still can go out of the door, not? There is no lockdown yet... As long as you keep the advised distance from other people, or else they clobber you! :-)
  22. Damn Luis, already?? That's fast!
  23. Seconded. In addition, it also brings on an eerie sensation when walking/biking through town for groceries. It's so empty, the only time I have seen it emptier was when the EC/WC football was, the streets were really empty when Oranje was playing. Seriously considering making some photo's, might be a once in a lifetime event. But with increasing restrictions this might be costly, given the introduced fines.
  24. The world has always been like this since humanity began. you just have to remember the wars. I live near a railroad, I hear the trains go by. I like trains.
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